The Entropia Player’s Planet Development Project

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The Entropia Player’s Planet Development Project

Post  Matthew on Sat Jul 03, 2010 2:30 pm

The Entropia Player’s Planet Development Project

Who are we?

We are a group of like-minded, ambitious, individuals; with a drive to bring our skills together in order to build the first Player Developed Planet within the Entropia Universe Platform. The virtual universe offers a unique business opportunity, with its real cash economy, Planet Partners revenue share with the platform provider, MindArk.
To develop our Planet we have so far brought together some of the greatest minds and most motivated people in their areas of knowledge and expertise. Our team consists of both professionals and self-tough enthusiasts, with skills in a range of subjects from story writing to music artists, 2D and 3D designers, concept creators, coders and business managers and advisers, to name only a few of the abilities our team brings to the project every day.

Who is MindArk, what is the Entropia Universe?

MindArk PE AB is a global leader in the 3D Internet entertainment sector. We operate, develop and market Entropia Platform, MindArk’s complete solution for virtual planet creation and maintenance, and the Entropia Universe, our 3-dimensional virtual universe for online entertainment, social networking and e-commerce based on a real cash economy.Our headquarters are in Göteborg, Sweden.
The Entropia Platform offers access to one of the most advanced Internet interaction venues available today. It gives our business partners, called Planet Partners, the opportunity to create entirely new worlds, planets, in Entropia Universe. The Planet Partners can choose from an unlimited range of content themes and activities to fill their planets. Some of the themes in production by Planet Partners right now are shopping, games, social interaction and music.

The Entropia Platform allows for Planet Partners to create a 3D environment, incorporating their own graphical identity. The world is flexible and dynamic; environments can be redesigned or expanded as needed and tailored to suit the interests of any target demographic. Participants are allowed to interact in an environment where the virtual and real worlds connect at a surprising level of detail. The Entropia Universe even has its own currency, Project Entropia Dollars (PED) that is pegged to the US Dollar and MindArk guaranteeing the value.
Information curtseys of MindArk -

How does the Real Cash Economy and Revenue share work?

The currency used with in the Entropia Platform is called PED (Project Entropia Dollar) and has a fixed exchange rate of 10:11 with the US dollar, this allows you to deposit and withdraw real money.
All revenues generated by our Planet is shared with MindArk the service provider, It is based on the fact that both MindArk and the Planet Partner brings something to the table in order to create a new flourishing interactive environment together.

How do we create an entire Planet and what comes next?

To create a planet we will be working closely with the Cry Engine 2 graphics engine - - on top of this system it will require the time and effort of our entire team in developing; gripping storylines, photo-realistic concept models and concept production, marketing strategies, Planet website, an End User Support team and strong Planet Administration and Managing with a business strategy to ensure a Planet that is built to stand the test of time.

Will I get paid for my project contribution?

Yes, once our Planet is up and running and earning revenue all Planet Developers will be paid according to the number of logged hours of work they have put into the project among other factors. Please bear in mind building an entire virtual Planet cannot be done overnight, rough estimates of time frame are around two years…
Once the Planet is created all Planet Officials will continue to earn according to the efforts and time you continue to place into the project.

Where can I sign up?

Please log into our development forum hosted at, , and introduce yourself and skills that you can bring to the project team. It’s a simple as that.

If your currenty involved with the project and have any further contubutions to include to this list of information, please post below.


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